Our work moved online and now we are redesigning our professional collaborations as we adapt to video calls and virtual workspaces. 

You've found the support and Guidance you need to produce effective and engaging virtual events. 

You have the expertise for the project in-person, but you need support producing it virtually. 
You need a tech host to orient people to Zoom, manage troubleshooting, and coordinate breakouts, so you can focus on delivering quality content.

You want a visual thinker to design an interactive template in Mural, Google Docs, or PowerPoint..

Or you are looking for a Certified Virtual Facilitator™ to rework and lead the entire session. 

By designing your project around your specific needs, challenges, and situation, you receive the level of support you need for a successful virtual event. 

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Strategic Intensives

Visual Facilitation

Are you trying to figure out what's next? Just need a little guidance to get going in the right direction?

A one-on-one strategy session will help you make progress on a specific problem, build a specific skill, or make a plan to work through your specific challenges. 

Are you looking for a quick kickstart? This is for you.

Are you gathering your team to have a strategic conversation about your business?

Do you need help organizing your thoughts, facilitating the conversation, and making sure your goals connect to actions and outcomes?

Do you want support making a conversation visual?



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Every time I work with Rachel, I'm so impressed by -- and grateful for! -- her ability to quickly identify what issues need to be addressed, and the strategy and tactics to get us there. Her level of organization is second-to-none, but more than that, she possesses a highly creative mind -- a rare mix of left and right brain thinking that is a perfect fit for tackling any kind of complex challenge. She's a joy to work with!

Lisa Mendelow, Service Design DC

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