Are you trying to figure out what's NExt?

Are you looking for Just enough Guidance to get you pointed in the right direction?

You decided to start a side gig or a new business, but aren't sure what to do next behind-the-scenes to get it off the ground. 

You are looking to shake up things at work, but are overwhelmed with all the things and just want help getting a grasp on it all. And you just want a place to brainstorm and plan without freaking out your boss.

You are flooded by all the things you have to do and want to feel in control of how you spend your time. 

You made a vision board, but aren't sure how to start taking real action this week and month to integrate your vision into your daily life. 

You have a meeting every week that frustrates you and you just wish it could be better, but aren't sure how to change it.

You know that money goes out and money goes it, but want to feel more organized around how you spend your money. But you're not sure what to do first. 

You are just looking for a sounding board to strategize about a creative project.

Maybe this sounds like you:

Starting to make changes is an important first step. It's Powerful and filled with excitement and energy. 



And now you want to do things differently. So after you pull everything out and make a pile on the bed (literally or figuratively) you put things back together in a better way. A way that actually works for you and solves your problem. 

It's in the messy middle that you sometimes needs a bit of support and guidance through.  

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I'm here to tackle the mess now, and put you on a clear path for growth and success - taking your real life into account. Paying attention to the details and creating a custom designed plan to give everything a new place to live. 

Starting is exhilarating and exciting! It's shiny, fresh, and new. Like a clean slate. 

Choosing to do the work to get through the messy, hard middle to the finish requires an investment. It takes dedicated time and often money. By adding support, structure, and accountability helps you make your next milestone.   

I work to integrate small, manageable, changes over time to create lasting and cumulative changes in a big way over time.

Maybe we tweak a small habit. Or look at how you spend your time and pinpoint existing routines to change for the better. 

What's next?

You have clarity about the model of your new business. And you know which building block you need to focus on next. 

You figured out that you want to improve your presenting skills for work, picked a course, and have a plan to ask your boss' approval for your professional development budget. 

You show up on time and without feeling rushed to you appointments because you figured out what trips you up and have a plan for transitions and travel time. 

You know exactly where you spent money last month and what expenses to plan for next. So you know you need to buy contacts this month and your car insurance is due next month. 

That's where I come in. 

Imagine this...

Are you Ready to Figure out What's Next?

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Let's talk and check if this is this the right fit for you.

In your intensive, we can focus on :

Human-Centered Design / Design Thinking

Meeting & workshop Design

Visual Thinking

Time Design & Management



Kickstarting Strategic Progress

An intensive is dedicated, structured time to help you navigate that messy middle so you make progress through your specific challenges.

Virtual Meetings & Events

How it works

Part 1// 

Book a free 20-minute call to connect and discuss the best way I can support you. We'll get specific about the focus of the session, and what your desired outcomes are, and which support package feels best. I'll answer any questions you have about the process and payment plans. 

We'll schedule your strategy intensive during the call. And you'll make your first payment to book your session.

Complete and return your questionnaire before your session. This will help me to understand your goals, dive into your specific struggles, and customize a strategy to provide you the best support.

Part 2// 

Join me live online for your strategy session. We'll meet over Zoom video.

If you've never used Zoom before, no worries. All you need is access to computer with a camera or a smartphone. Be prepared to appear on camera! The Zoom call will be recorded and sent to you so that you can reference it in the future.

Part 3// 

After your intensive, I'll close out with you. I will email you the Zoom replay, any links and resources discussed, and a list of action items and recommendations so you know what you need to do. 

Accountability Check-in. Two weeks after the intensive, we will jump on a 20-minute follow up call. 

We do the work. We’ll focus on working through your challenge and coming out on the other side with clarity, direction, and next steps.

READY to get to work?

Schedule A Discovery Call

Let's talk and check if this is this the right fit for you.